About me

Hi my Curvy Cuties

I watch a lot of Plus Size Fashion, hair, and makeup tutorials. I love to learn about new products, style, and techniques. I'm always looking how to improve my look. This is why my name is, "beautyundergrad", I am a student of Fashion, Makeup and Style.

I learn something new everyday. I am a plus size women who is comfortable in her own skin. I dress the body I have, not the body I want. I'm hoping to pass on the same message to other plus size women and make it their own.

Sometimes you need a little inspiration to put together an outfit. Check out my YouTube, Instagram and Twitter for more Fashion, Hair, Makeup, and Beauty Tips. I always post new information and ideas on there.

 ".... and remember my curvy cuties. The best thing to wear is always your confidence."

Your Beautyundergrad