Sunday, March 13, 2016


// The Scent of a Women //

Ladies we already know all perfumes smell differently on every women, I have found a killer combo. For some reason this combination of scents has the opposite sex wanting to compliment you on how good you smell. It has even caused strangers to strike a conversation with me. Which never happens, The notes for DG "Light Blue" has a manly scent of clean and freshly showered. Its a light scent (like deodorant). The notes of Viva La Juicy are a spicy sweet smell, like the alcoholic drink "Fire Ball". With this combo it arises a clean and spicy long lasting smell. You don;t smell sweet like a cupcake. Its more of a dangerous sweet and spicy fruit you want to bite!!! Be careful ladies how you use this secret weapon be cautious you have been warned...  Hahahaha.

So if you have these two in your collection try them out and tell me what you think. If you have a favorite combo let me know I would love to try it. For more beauty tips and tricks follow me.

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