Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chanel bronzer Dupe


Hi this is beautyundergrad. I have been wanting to purchase the Chanel Bronzer golden crème. It cost around $60. Before I shell out that kind of money for one product, I wanted to do my research. So I've watched many reviews on YouTube and came across a dupe. Sonia Kashuk crème bronzer in warm tan for $10.99. Well after testing both out. My conclusion is. Chanel's is more of a golden color and Sonia Kashuk's is a bit more tan. Both feel the same. Chanel's is lighter in color better for very pale-light skin. Sonia Kashuk's is better for mid light- medium skin. Neither would do well for dark skin. Hope this is useful. BTY has coupons you can use to get $3.00 off any Sonia Kashuk product. (~-~)/